This is the first article of two sub-series look at the seemingly simple task to configure access to the Internet, the security DVR. While this article is transformed into the general steps in the correct transmission connection CCTV DVR, the second part of the focus is all about dynamic DNS support and workarounds. Before entering the main theme, let me explain briefly some important aspects of the Internet for us is not familiar with term like IP address, DDNS, port forwarding orIP mapping.


Any computer or other network devices, our case CCTV recorder has its own address called an IP address, such as your home address on the Internet that allows information to the world his way to huge points. IP addresses consist of four groups of numbers separated and the number is between 0 and 255. There are two separate networks, we need to take into account the Local Area Network LAN and WAN WideArea Network. LAN has its own IP addresses and connection handles on the local network device (computer or network devices located in your home or office) if the WAN IP address is your LAN IP address as the apartment is yours.

WAN IP is an external address visible to everyone on the Internet. We explain the rest of the terminology as we go.


The best way to explain and clarify surveillance DVR connectionis to give an example. In our example we set the DVR-074 from DVRExperts VDV from Netopia router / modem combo currently used by AT & T DSL service providers with static IP, I also have a Linksys WRT54G router to connect to cable broadband. Security DVR must be connected to Internet via router and modem, router and modem, in some cases, a single device, such as Netopia router.

For stand-alone modem please connect to the Internet outside the WAN port onThe router. Connect CCTV DVR and computer ports available on the router as well. Your router must be set now, sign up for Internet service providers and content providers.

Netopia Router users:

On the computer and type in the address bar's default IP router your http:// Username and password window should appear, the user name and default password for Netopia routers for the administrator and serialNumber of router for the password.

Select Configure, followed by links to quick start, enter your username (email address) and password your ISP. Click Submit and alert icon in the upper right (I know it's weird), finally select save and restart. Your connection should be in a minute or so, then see links to your connection status at home.

Linksys Router users:

On the computer and type in the address fieldBar routers default IP []. Username and password window should appear, the user name and default password for Linksys routers are admin for user and admin password.

The home page of the ISP router settings, enter your email address as your username and password for the password of your ISP, choose to store or transmit. The router after a minute or so, go back and go to the state to see if the connection status is UP.

If allok and the connection, we can now go on a fun part of the installation process

There are many different security digital video recorders on the market, so read the instruction manual for details of the DVR, I just want the correct settings. In the DVR menu, configuring static LAN (internal) IP for the DVR, in our example we have 3 computer and DVR. Each unit has assigned LAN IP address as follows:

Computer 1 –

Computer 2 –

Computer 3 –


The DVR is now monitoring the Internet on our internal network to assign IP ( either in the browser software. What we need now) on the connection of external IP (WAN) that is accessible from outside of our network on the LAN IP of (DVR.

Netopia Router users:

Select Configure, then "Advanced" and finally,> IP Maps. Chart table, IP must be empty, click Add and enter in the text box input map IP, type the name of your wireless DVR, DVR in our example I entered, so I know which IP tab for that themselves. Internal IP Address box, type, external IP address, see the paper and discover that your ISP IP, in some cases ISP. More than a static IP, you can choose one.

Click Send, and theWarning icon in the upper right to select Save after all and start over.

Now anyone interested in the external IP address must be built successfully transmitted the DVR's internal IP (, so should the connection.

Linksys Router users:

When you set the DVR to access the Internet, you must configure port forwarding on the Linksys router. This can be achieved in two ways, specific portForwarding or DMZ host. The DMZ host all incoming connection requests to a specific IP address on your local network. Open the Applications and Games section of the router and select DMZ. DMZ is not safe and should be used with non-embedded PC-based CCTV recorders are used.

To expose the DVR to the Internet, type the local IP address of the DVR ( in the DMZ Host IP address displayed. In some cases it may be useful only on certain Ports for security DVR. If you use another device or server, the services available to Internet hosts, it is to use specific port forwarding instead of DMZ host, even if the computer is based DVR is highly recommended for security reasons, only ports used by connecting the DVR. Open applications and games section of the router and select Port Range Forwarding. Enter the name for the connection port number and port number and internal finishes> IP of the DVR ( in our example). Save and exit.

The connection is now configured correctly.

You have probably noticed the term static IP in this article, and I wonder what it is.

Now, the IP is static, what the name suggests an IP that never changes. While there is no problem with internal IP range, you can do or what you prefer – the external IP, it is usually dynamic. static IP must be requested byISP and is more expensive than dynamic IP. In our case we want to address the need to change static IP CCTV DVR content, which is never.

In this tutorial I have assumed that the external static IP is available.

Unfortunately, in many areas is not, or the cost prohibitive. There is no panic, but there is at least a few different ways to this problem and try to get around using every method in my next article "How to Free Dynamic DNSServices to connect the DVR. "


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