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Jasa layanan Pemeriksaan instalasi cctv yang rusak/ video loss, DVR bermasalah, instalasi kabel yang rusak/rekondisi instalasi.

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CCTV Maintenance and repair, A Chore That Has To Be Accomplished
This will maximize your investment and enable your system to provide the best possible recorded images.

Everyone has had something break and has had to repair it. In many cases the repair of the machine can nearly exceed the cost of a new one. The repair or replacement of the part that failed causes downtime increases costs and provides frustration to the owner. CCTV systems are no different. CCTV maintenance reduces costs and eliminates both downtime and frustration.

Any machine needs maintenance. Cars need oil, grease clean filters, new spark plugs. This is normal preventative maintenance. When the brakes wear out, pads are replaced and rotors or drums are honed. This is an example of repair maintenance. The CCTV system is the same way.

The CCTV system requires preventative maintenance. The camera housings and mounts must be inspected to insure that bolts are tight, filters clean and fans or heaters are functioning. Having a CCTV camera fall off of a pole or the side of a building can be a traumatic thing. Heaters and fans that are not functional cause the life of the camera and lens to be shortened.

The video signal from cameras can be compromised if the cables that are exposed to the environment are not inspected periodically. The insulation on the cables can become cracked and broken allowing rain or moisture to enter the cable and change the characteristics of the cable

. The head end equipment must be cleaned and the heads on the video tape recorders cleaned. Should the heads on the recorder become clogged there will be no video signal transferred to the tape and consequently the tape will be blank. Dust and dirt can cause vent holes to be clogged and cooling fans to overheat. This also leads to a shorter service life of the equipment.

Choosing a CCTV maintenance services is a valuable asset for the owner of the CCTV system. The cost of the maintenance is often far less than the cost of the replacement of the component that failed.

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